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We partner with schools like yours throughout the whole of the South of England and find that our central location gives our customers the great advantage of having local support, local knowledge and super-fast response times, which from our experience, all schools agree is vital for any successful technology support. With one of Protek’s main focuses being great customer service and industry-leading support for all our partners, whether you’re in West Berkshire or Central London, your school is a top priority.

If you’re looking for a Local Technology partner to work with you to achieve great outcomes with your technology and align with you future goals then please get in touch. We can arrange a no obligation chat at your convenience to establish where and how our team can help your School really thrive with technology! Nothing to lose, all to gain! (Button to contact us here)

Get in touch to arrange a no obligation chat at your convenience to establish how Protek can help Empower your Teachers and Students to achieve great Learning outcomes. (Contact Button Here)

Getting in touch is easy. We’ll arrange a no obligation chat with you to establish how Protek can help Empower your Teachers and Students to create great Learning outcomes.

What’s more… we’ll give you a free (Bot Kit, Virtual reality Kit, 3D Print, Tablet) just for reaching out.


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Due to Protek’s commitment to teaching and learning, we are involved in several Learning projects worldwide, this enables us to present great opportunities to our customers to which other suppliers may not have access. For example technology grants and global collaboration programmes to enrich the teaching and learning experiences to both teachers and students around the world. This sees Protek’s reaching not only English Schools but with our learning projects we are involved with we get to work with schools in countries including America, Northern Ireland, Wales, Italy and elsewhere in Europe. With plans to increase our global reach year on year, we are always (looking at getting involved with) countries in an effort to reach an overall goal of ‘Empowering Education’.


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